Awamori is a World Class Liquor and the Oldest Distilled Alcoholic beverage in Japan, Okinawa.       

What is Awamori ?                                                          

Awamori is an alcoholic beverage that was originated during the olden days of the Ryukyu Kingdom , with more than 600 years history. The main ingredients of Awamori are rice and black koji mold.

It is distilled in a very traditional process known as “ZEN KOJI” , which uses only rice and does not allow any inclusion of any additives.

Awamori’s main characteristic is that it improves with age.

Awamori which has been aged for 3 years or more is called “KU-SU”. The older the awamori, the sweeter the aroma and taste milder.

Why Awamori is Healthy ?

Awamori helps improve blood circulation !

Research had showed that Awamori is one and a half times more effective than red wine in breaking down blood clots.

The by-products of fermentation in Awamori and honkaku shochu ( shochu produced from single distillation ), can dissolve blood clots.

Moreover, statistics show that people who drink a proper amount of Awamori everyday are more resistant to circulatory system diseases such as heart attack than those who do not.

A delightful liquor that is sugar free and low calories

Wine and beer contains glucides such as glucose.

Awamori does not have any glucides or protein in its composition.

As it is an alcohol beverage, it has calories that is lower than beer and wine.

Our body could not convert alcohol into energy but is easier to burn it off as heat.

Ryusen Awamori Blue 720ml

( Alcohol content : 30% )