Packing: Box / 3g x 30pcs

Price: SGD 30.00

Okinawa famous bitter gourds called Goya, is one of the best anti-aging Okinawa food and is the most symbolic food of, considered as medicine as well as food in Okinawa.

Together with King of Vegetable- Kale & Power Barley Grass, Aojiru have long lists of benefits including improve brain memory, muscle & strength, improve blood circulation, boost immune function, skin rejuvenating, metabolism improving, digestion enhancing-help in constipation & piles, colon cleansing, weight loss, prevent osteoporosis, detoxification, inhibition skin allergies, cholesterol benefits, lower blood sugar, reduce cancer risk & risk for chronic disease include diabetes, heart disease.

Rich in calcium, fibre, potassium, high in antioxidant, vitamin- A B C E K, magnesium, chlorophy, iron, amino acids, anti-inflammatory properties, plenty of nutritional protein and even carotene, which is good for keeping our eyes healthy.