Japanese Tea Gift Set

This beautiful and delicious Japanese Tea Set consist of 1 can of Sencha and 1 can of Genmai Cha of 100g each

The boxes and cans are made from paper.

This is a Perfect Gift for your clients and loved ones.

Give the your Warm Gift now !

Tea Link Tea Pouch

Our Tea pouches are made from selected premium tea leaves, blended with Uji Maccha.

Characteristics :

1) Smooth and Refreshing - used quality tea leaves

2) Better Yield than normal tea leaves

3) Consistency of taste

4) Easy to dispose

Tea Link Houji Cha Pouch uses Premium  Kyoto Bancha

It can serve hot or cold with low caffein.

Try delicious Iced Houji in the day and a relaxing hot Houji at night.

Tea Link Green Tea bag

Smooth and with green tea aroma.

A nice green tea will warm the hearts of your customers and build better relationship.

Maccha from Uji Japan

Our maccha are suitable for both drinks and making pastry such as ice cream, cookies and desserts.

Recommended usage is 1% of your production.

We have both 100g for household use and 500g for industrial use.